Bailey Castro

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Bailey is 16 years old and lives on her families farm in Seabeck, Washington. Her family currently has seven goats, twelve chickens, two dogs, one guinea pig, and two neighbors that are not as happy about it as she’d like. She is a junior in high school and a senior in 4-H. She has been in 4-H for eight years which is half of her life so you could probably guess how important it is to her. Bailey enjoys reading and her favorite food is Oreo cookies. On a more random note, she enjoy the way alfalfa smells.

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Goats Are Like Potato Chips

April 4, 2014

During my time in 4-H I have been in three different projects. I started out in cavies, more commonly known as guinea pigs. During my first year at fair I met my first two goats at a petting zoo. We bought the goats and I started goat 4-H that next year. That is when I…

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