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Shayne White is 17 years old and a senior at Crescent Valley High School in Corvallis, OR. Her family and her run 30 head of crossbred ewes on 18 acres. They raise club lambs to sell to 4-H members in their local area as well as commercial lambs and are a very diverse family when it comes to raising and showing animals. She has two younger siblings who are twins. Her younger brother, Emmitt shows market hogs. Emmitt takes his hogs to jackpot shows, the local county fair and the Oregon State Fair. Her sister shows sheep and horses and is very involved with horses as she participates in the equestrian team at their local high school and horse 4-H. The sheep are shown at county and state fair. The twins have been very successful inside and outside the show ring. Both have had accomplishments such as Shyane winning champion Crossbred ewe at county fair and Emmitt winning champion market hog at the state fair. Shayne, on the other hand, shows steers and heifers at jackpot shows, county fair and state fair. She has been successful with her beef projects by winning back-to-back reserve Champion market at her local county fair and placing in the top 4 in showmanship both at state fair and county fair. Showing cattle is something she loves to do but helping youth also gives her great joy and is important to her. She hopes with this blog she is able to help youth further their education in all large animal species.

Recent Blog Posts By Shayne

Starting All Over Again

September 30, 2014

With state fair coming to a close and school starting, life is beginning to slow down just a little bit. However; beef showmen will be getting their steers very soon. Whether you are new to cattle or are a veteran showman, here are some simple ideas to help you have a great year. I have…

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What Stock Shows Are All About

September 20, 2014

Stock shows are a place where you have fun, spend time with family and maybe make some money. They are also a great way to meet new friends and learn new skills. Each time I go to a show, I look at it like the first day of school, where the doors are open and…

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Ever Wonder What to Wear When Showing?

June 20, 2014

When looking for clothes to wear in the show ring, what should you consider? Do I wear a collared shirt, a shirt that is long sleeved or should it have “bling”? In this blog, I will be helping the ladies out with what to wear. My first rule when deciding my show clothes is to…

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Jackpot Shows for Experience not Winning

June 5, 2014

My last jackpot show has arrived. I am heading up to Astoria, Oregon to compete in the North Coast Junior Classic (NCJC). This is a new show on the jackpot show circuit. My goal is to build from our previous shows getting my heifer more confident in the show ring. The last show I went…

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