Well Cared For Lawn

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Sweet Soil

Let’s Talk Dirt… Actually, we’re talking “soil”, not “dirt”. Dirt is typically dusty, without much nutrient and may be compacted […]

Traeger Lamb Slider

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Traeger Roasted Lamb Sliders

While the original was a mini “grease-burger” by Whitecastle in the 1940s, they’ve come a long way! Watch one way […]

5 Things Every Raised Bed Gardener Should Know Blog Teaser-mar20

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5 Things Every Raised Bed Gardener Should Know

When it comes to gardening in raised beds, just a few simple tips can ensure success while having fun. 1. […]


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Traeger Toll House Cookies

Traeger Toll House Cookies with a twist using Oregon Orchard Dry Roasted Diced hazelnuts and Kentucky Honey Bourbon. An easy […]

christmas tree care blog

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How to Care for Your Premium Fresh Cut Christmas Tree

When a Christmas tree is cut, more than half its weight is water. With proper care, you can maintain the […]

Rodent Control in your Vehicle Blog

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Keeping Rodents out of Engine Compartments

Are They in Your Vehicle? If you have a vehicle that sits for extended times; a truck that you only […]

Traeger Ham Blog

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Traeger Ham with Sweet Potatoes

Traeger Ham and Sweet Potatoes. Don’t just warm up that smoked ham. Add some sweetness and spice by trying this […]

It’s Good to Drip

Getting Started Whether you are trying to conserve water or ease your watering workload or both, drip irrigation—a network of […]

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Stink Bugs? Yes, They Do.

Are you seeing stink bugs emerging this spring as the weather warms up? The stink bug (Brown Marmorated Stink Bug- […]