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Ever Wonder What to Wear When Showing?

BY: Shayne White When looking for clothes to wear in the show ring, what should you consider? Do I wear […]

From Egg to Duckling

BY: Julia Barnes I have been breeding, raising, showing, and selling poultry for little over three years now and it […]

Trail Riding with My New Horse “Oakley”

BY: Jaleena Reber Hello everybody! I will be doing most of my blogging from my computer in my bedroom. My […]

Jackpot Shows for Experience not Winning

BY: Shayne White My last jackpot show has arrived. I am heading up to Astoria, Oregon to compete in the […]

Showmen Products

BY: Katelyn Wetzler With the jackpot season slowing down and fair season starting up; I thought I’d share with you […]

Goats Are Like Potato Chips

BY: Bailey Castro During my time in 4-H I have been in three different projects. I started out in cavies, […]