Mike Darcy’s Must-Have Gardener Gifts

December 6, 2017

If you have a gardening friend that you want to give a gift to, here are some ideas. When I give a gift, I like to search out and try to find something that is practical, that I know will be appreciated and that the recipient will know it was selected for them. Hopefully, I will see it in use the next time I visit their garden!

If you know the gardener and have visited their garden, it would probably not be too difficult to think of a useful gift. There are always things on my wishlist and the following are three very practical items that I do not like to be without.

I have always had some kind of garden shoes or boots to wear and recently I got a pair of Lacrosse Alpha Muddy brown boots. WOW! They are wonderful. First of all, they are waterproof which is almost a necessity for gardening here in the Pacific Northwest. Then, they are comfortable to wear and easy to pull on and easy to slip off and they are easy to clean. I have some very muddy areas in my garden and shoes often become a muddy mess. With these Lacrosse boots, I just wipe them off with warm soapy water and they look like new. But the most important test is that they look nice and even my wife commented; “now those are good looking garden shoes”. Often times she is not so complimentary with my gardening attire but these shoes passed her test as well as mine.

Several years ago, I was given a garden pop-up container and I thought it was something that I would never use. I was certainly wrong about that. My new GreenThumb Pop-Up Container is something that I will have with me throughout the year. This time of year, I fill it with leaves and during the spring and summer, it gets filled with general garden debris. It is easy to store because it can be reduced back to its original size and locked into place. Then just unlock it and it pops up and becomes your mobile garden leaf and debris container.

Last spring when I was in the Wilco store in Canby, I discovered the AgLok tying device. In my garden, I often need to tie a plant to keep it from leaning. I have used various twines and tapes but nothing that I thought was satisfactory. The AgLok tie system is like a dream come true. It can be cut to any length to tie a shrub or tree and then can be ‘locked’ into place. It is very easy to ‘unlock’ it and make it smaller or larger depending on the needs of the plant and it is reusable. A great gift for a gardener and probably something they do not have.

These are just three ideas of many. Try to personalize your gift to the gardener depending on what you think they want or need. It is always nice to surprise someone with something they do not have but will appreciate having.