The Amazing Molt

BY: Julia Barnes If you looked at Tyke, my Welsh Harlequin drake, today and compared him to a picture I […]

What Stock Shows Are All About

BY: Shayne White Stock shows are a place where you have fun, spend time with family and maybe make some […]

Showing Poultry

BY: Julia Barnes Attending your first poultry show can be stressful and overwhelming, even more so if you don’t know […]

Poultry for Show

BY: Julia Barnes Everybody has their “thing”, their “niche”. There are those who are extreme sports fan and there are […]

Country Fair Success

BY: Jaleena Reber Hello everyone! I just got back from fair 2 days ago and now I am in recovery […]

How to Ship a Hatching Egg

BY: Julia Barnes Sharing my birds with others is one of my favorite parts of the poultry hobby. I’ve found […]

Ducks, Which Breed to Choose

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What is OHSET and WAHSET???

BY: Jaleena Reber Hello everyone, it’s Jaleena! This weekend I am leaving for Redmond, Oregon with Missy to OHSET and […]

Ever Wonder What to Wear When Showing?

BY: Shayne White When looking for clothes to wear in the show ring, what should you consider? Do I wear […]