Showmen Products

June 1, 2014

BY: Katelyn Wetzler

With the jackpot season slowing down and fair season starting up; I thought I’d share with you the products that I use on a daily basis. This may help some of the newer showmen, if this is your first year showing at your local county fair. When I wash my animals, I use EQ Solutions. This is a product that you can use on all animals like sheep, pigs, cattle, etc, but I use it on my cattle and pigs. When I wash my pigs, I put one coat of it on and let it soak in for a few minutes and then I wash it off. I then put on a second coat and leave it on as a conditioner. You can also get a cheaper foamer that basically does the same job.

Another product that I use a lot is Revive from Sullivan’s. I use it on both my cattle and pigs and it does a really good job of keeping their skin and hair condition.

I use a lot of different combs especially for my cattle. One of the combs that I use is the Smart Sensation comb from Sullivan’s. It looks like a hairbrush, but it does a really good job or getting all the hairs combed. I use it on my steer just because he has really thick hair, so it helps in getting all of the hairs.

Another great product that use is a shedding comb from either Weaver or Sullivan’s. This comb does a great job for getting all the dead hair out. I used it a lot in the winter time so that the new hair would start growing before jackpot season.

All of these products do a great job! They defiantly give you an amazing end result! Good luck to everyone with they’re county fairs!