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Seed starting basics blog

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Seed Starting Basics

Starting your veggies from seed can be a fun and rewarding way to start the garden growing season. And by […]

5 Things Every Raised Bed Gardener Should Know Blog Teaser-mar20

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5 Things Every Raised Bed Gardener Should Know

When it comes to gardening in raised beds, just a few simple tips can ensure success while having fun. 1. […]

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Fitting In Fruit Trees with Mike Darcy

With many homes being built closer together and lot sizes seemingly getting smaller and smaller, having the space for fruit […]

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Fall Slug & Snail Control for Home Gardeners with Mike Darcy

I doubt if there are many gardeners in western Oregon and Washington that have not had slugs or snails, or […]

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Fall Perennials

by Robyn Rogers The days are getting shorter. The breeze is getting colder. The garden is winding down. Nature knows […]

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The Right Backpack Sprayer: Piston vs. Diaphragm

Are you considering purchasing a backpack sprayer? Today’s sprayers have an abundance of options that can be a bit overwhelming […]

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Mixology Herbs with Mike Darcy

Inspired by Amy Stewart’s book The Drunken Botanist, The Drunken Botanist Plant Collection has just arrived at Wilco. This collection […]

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Salvia Sensation with Mike Darcy

I believe that many gardeners can get ‘carried away’ with a certain group(s) of plants and it can almost become […]


Home Grown Vegetables Pack a Punch

There are many reasons people grow their own vegetables, and the number one reason is probably taste. It is hard to […]

It’s Good to Drip

Getting Started Whether you are trying to conserve water or ease your watering workload or both, drip irrigation—a network of […]