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Full Service Groom

This includes a bath with one of our specialty bathing systems, a haircut, brushing and drying, ears cleaned/ plucked, nails trimmed, pads cleaned and anal glands expressed.

Full Service Bath

This includes a bath with one of our specialty bathing systems, 15 minutes of brushing, drying, ears cleaned/ plucked, nails trimmed, anal glands expressed and a sanitary trim, if requested.

Wilco Works

In addition to a full service bath or groom, treat your pet to the Wilco Works. It adds a special shampoo, conditioner, tooth brushing, Dremeling of the nails and a holiday themed bandana/bow or a Wilco bandana.

Wilco Works

Wilco Spa

Every pet would love a Wilco Spa after getting a full service groom or bath. This adds a special shampoo, conditioner, facial, pad moisturizer, cologne, breath spray and a holiday themed bandana/bow or a Wilco bandana.

Wilco Spa

Rabies Vaccination Required

For the safety of all of our furry guests and our groomers, proof of current Rabies vaccination must be on file before any grooming services can be provided.

De-Shed Pet Grooming Services


If you have a pet that sheds excessively, this is a great service to add to any full service groom or bath and brush service. Using a special mix of products and special tools, our groomers can substantially decrease your dog’s shedding issues.

Facial Pet Grooming


For extra pampering, treat your dog to a day of relaxation with a facial. It smells great and is soothing to your pet. This is an additional service to a groom or bath.

Shampoo & Conditioner, Pet Grooming Services

Shampoos & Conditioners

We have numerous specialty products based on the needs of your pet. Several examples are: skin moisturizing shampoos for dry skin, shampoos to control an oily coat, as well as shampoos for flaky skin.

Pet Grooming Flea Treatment

Flea Treatment

We use natural flea shampoos with gentle, yet effective ingredients. We also have Frontline/Advantage.

Pet Grooming De-Skunk Services


Did your pet have an encounter with a skunk? For an additional fee, we use a special shampoo and process to decrease the skunk odor from your pet.

Pet Grooming, Hand Scissoring Services

Hand Scissoring

This can be an additional service, depending on the breed of your pet.

Pet Brush Out Grooming

Brush Out

If your pet requires additional brushing, there may be an additional fee for the extra time spent. Ask our groomers how you can keep your pet’s coat in better shape at home to avoid this.

Pet Grooming Nail Trimming


We’d be happy to trim your pet’s nails, either by appointment or on a walk-in basis. This can be a standalone service.

Dremeling Nails

Dremeling of Nails

This service provides a smooth finish to your dog’s nails and will help eliminate snags and sharp edges; helping the quick of the nail recede. This can be added to the nail trim for an additional cost.

Grooming Teeth Brushing

Teeth Brushing

Good oral health is essential for your pet too. Add on a teeth brushing to any full service groom.

Cleaning & Plucking Dog Ears

Ears Cleaned / Plucked

Depending on each breed’s needs, we will clean and pluck the excess hair from your dog’s ears as a standalone service.

If you would like your pet to be groomed quickly, with the groomer working straight through, this is a service we can provide for an additional rush fee. If a pet requires a longer period for grooming or necessitates two groomers to complete the groom, we must compensate their time by adding a small handling fee to the total. For the safety of the pet and the groomer, all pets must be in good health and current on rabies vaccinations for all appointments and walk-in services.