Ever Wonder What to Wear When Showing?

June 20, 2014

BY: Shayne White

When looking for clothes to wear in the show ring, what should you consider? Do I wear a collared shirt, a shirt that is long sleeved or should it have “bling”?

In this blog, I will be helping the ladies out with what to wear. My first rule when deciding my show clothes is to not pick a shirt color that will blend in with your calf. The whole idea of this is to stand out and catch the judge’s eye. My favorite colors to wear when I show a black calf is orange, yellow, pink or turquoise. Each one of these colors allows you to be seen by the judge no matter where you are in the show ring. Though when picking shirt colors don’t ever go for the “highlighter” neon colors; you want to stand out but not be distracting.

When showing white calves, it’s harder to pick a color that allows the judge to find you. I prefer to wear a shirt that is navy blue or emerald green. These colors help you be seen by the judge without making too much of a statement. Shown in the blog are just a couple of examples of what I have worn with different colors of cattle.

A question that gets asked is whether to show in a collared shirt or not. In showmanship being professional is an important aspect you can bring to the ring. Collared shirts are always a must in my opinion when you show in showmanship. I do agree that you are not being judged on what you wear but having that professional look is key.

When it comes to breed or market classes wearing either a collared shirt or a dressy shirt is just fine. I like wearing dressy shirts but stay away from things like tank tops. Dressy shirts are fun to wear as they can spice up your outfit and add something extra.

I hope this helps you stock show girls in selecting that appropriate shirt that will add some pizazz to your show ring attire. Just remember when picking a shirt, you want to stand out and be eye catching but not disruptive in the show ring. Good luck and happy shopping!