Into the Woods with Benjamin Moore

July 7, 2021

Colors to pitch your tent to.

Whether you enjoy a good hike, camping, or just a drive down a back road in nature, there is nothing like the fresh air and tones and textures of sky and earth and to feel refreshed- even indoors. We’ve picked Benjamin Moore colors inspired by our favorite hiking and camping adventures to bring the memories to your favorite indoor space. Grab a cup of campfire worthy coffee (or your favorite tea) and browse these colors worthy of pitching your tent to.

Hiking Path 524: This smooth and comfortable green is reminiscent of moss gently hugging a rock along the trail, or a fern gracefully bowing to the sunlight. Just enough green with a touch of earth to mold smoothly into the surrounding textures without making you run for shade. This color is an excellent choice for a single accent wall or as the base for your home office, reading space or other spot where you desire a relaxing theme. LRV: 29.11

Corlsbud Canyon 076: Wandering down a trail, lakeside, or across a meadow, there always seem to be that one spot of color that makes you pay attention. It could be a wildflower, a delicate bloom on the desert floor, or the bold stance of a native Rhododendron. Corlsbud is evocative of a long hike along sun-drenched canyons. This deep, earthy orange captures the splendor of the centuries-old southwest and brings sweetness to your camp themed trim areas. Hint: Rendered in high-gloss, this is a great choice for a piece of furniture like a leather padded wooden chair. LRV: 23.57 Not recommended in exterior paint

Woodacres (Hiking Trail) 1020 (CC-514): Benjamin Moore’s Woodacres, also known as Hiking Trail, is part of their Designer Classics Collection. A comfortable color that works well with most spaces as a base to build on. Definitely the earth you want to spread your tent or tarp on. It’s soft, clean and smooth- just like a groomed path through the woods. LRV: 24.78

Falcon Brown 1238: Reminiscent of a hike beneath a rich canopy of green, this deep dramatic brown suggests the magic spell of woodlands and wide-open spaces. Use Falcon Brown on a single wall or as trim. It’s a great choice to tie in and liven up more muted colors like Hiking Trail and Hiking Path. LRV: 7.36

Ask for some color samples in your Wilco Farm Store color center and plan out your indoor camping space. Grab your “camp-making” supplies and get ready to blaze your trail through the woods and bring your favorite, fresh outdoor natural spot inside so you can escape until the next time you can be “out there”.

Into the Woods with Benjamin Moore Paint Palette

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