Jackpot Shows for Experience not Winning

June 5, 2014

BY: Shayne White

My last jackpot show has arrived. I am heading up to Astoria, Oregon to compete in the North Coast Junior Classic (NCJC). This is a new show on the jackpot show circuit.

My goal is to build from our previous shows getting my heifer more confident in the show ring. The last show I went to was 5 peaks in Madras, Oregon. The biggest struggle we had at that show was walking in the show ring. I hope to improve in this specific area. Each show that you go to, you should set objectives for yourself to help you achieve your ultimate goal. To help me reach my goal at NCJC, I will be working my heifer inside the ring more than I usually do. Building stamina is the key part in making shows successful. That is why it is important to work your calves as much as possible, so when you get shows, you can reach your goal.

NCJC was one of my favorite shows this year. My heifer, Marley cooperated extremely well. She has traveled to 3 different shows in 3 weekends throughout the state of Oregon. Each show she learned something new to help her gain trust, in not only me but others. Winning was not on the top of my list these past shows, it was more important to spend the time to get her used to the show experience. We are asking these animals to be special; we are asking them to be show animals. NCJC covered all species except goats; it was a great chance for all animals to get used to other species. When you show at your county and state fair, this is the barn set-up that you will most likely be experiencing. Familiarity is the key to making these animals shine. Just like when you play a sport, the more times you play the better you get. Same goes for animals and showing.

NCJC gave Marley a new experience and one she will never forget. Like I said experience is the key to your success in the sport of livestock showing. I wish you the best of luck at your fairs and jackpot shows.