Buff Orpington Pullet

  • A medium egg producer, they lay an average of 3 large brown eggs per week.
  • The adult bird weighs approximately 8 pounds features a single comb and is suited for all climates.
  • A dual purpose bird, the Buff Orpington is frequently broody and usually exhibits a friendly, calm, quiet and docile temperment. They are easily handled and bear confinement well.

Buff Orpingtons have rich golden buff plumage. They are a heavy dual purpose fowl for the production of both meat and eggs. Wilco recommends raising Buff Orpingtons for heritage poultry meat. Buff Orpingtons are large, stately birds of quiet disposition and are easy to dress for the table, white skinned, plump, and juicy, a beautiful eating bird. Buff Orpingtons heavy, full plumage make them excellent winter layers, shelling out brown eggs right through cold weather.

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