Dr. Earth Home Grown Tomato, Vegetable & Herb Fertilizer, 12 lb.

  • Ideal for promoting hearty root development & vigorous crop growth
  • Feeds 60 sq. ft or 16 five gallon plants, 5-7-3
  • 100% natural & organic ingredients

Dr. Earth’s Home Grown Tomato, Vegetable & Herb Fertilizer features a superior blend of fish bone meal, feather meal, kelp meal, alfalfa meal, soft rock phosphate, fish meal, mined potassium sulfate, humic acid, seaweed extract, ProBiotic seven champion strains of beneficial soil microbes plus Ecto & Endo Mycorrhizae. This organic & natural fertilizer feeds tomatoes, summer vegetables, winter vegetables, herbs, root crops, established vegetables and during transplanting.


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MFG PART # 100507009
SKU: 1050220