Golden Fire Wood Fuel Pellets 40 lb.

  • Less than one hour to heat a room to 70 degrees
  • Burns hotter with 100% all natural Douglas fir
  • Low ash makes for easy clean up
  • No binding agents prevents you from breathing harmful chemicals

Golden Fire pellets take less than one hour to heat a room to 70 degree Fahrenheit (when outside temp. is 30 degree Fahrenheit). A premium grade pellet with a moisture content of 5.5% would take four hours to reach that temperature! Golden Fire has the lowest moisture rating in the industry. The industry standard for moisture content in premium rated pellets is less than 8%, Golden Fire is rated at less than 2.5% and actually has an unprecedented average of 1.9%! This means more fuel in every bag, and you use less of that fuel to burn away excess moisture and instead use the fuel you purchased to heat your home. Golden Fire pellets, rated over 8500 BTUs per pound, are made from 100% Douglas Fir and has the lowest moisture content available. You can burn Golden Fire pellets at a lower feed rate setting on your pellet stove using less pellets and continue to get great heat.

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