Hasegawa Orchard Ladder 6 ft.

  • Total Length: 7.25′
  • Base Width: 4′
  • Spread: 5′
  • Weight: 15lbs

The wide base, deep steps, telescopic back leg, as well as broad clawed feet, and flat top make them incredibly safe and easy to use. *Rather like the design of the Eiffel tower, your weight is directed downwards and outwards, pinning the ladder to the ground. The back leg adjusts quickly adjusts quickly and easily up to 2′ in 6″ stops with a spring-loaded pin, extending 6″ and shortening 18″ for use on slopes and uneven terrain. How flat is your ground?” Hand-welded joints, extruded aluminum construction, weatherproof, strong, and very light. Double rungs and easy on the feet, and resist getting muddy or slippery. Hasegawa has the reputation for making the best quality and safest tripod ladders in use today.


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