Lucas 2-cycle Semi-synthetic Oil 2.6 oz.
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  • Prevents carbon deposits
  • Mixes well with gasoline at all temperatures
  • Meets requirements for low smoke oils
  • 2.6 oz. size treats one gallon of gas at 50:1 ratio.

Lucas 2-Cycle Oil is an advanced technology smokeless 2-stroke oil formulated from a special blend of mineral oil, synthetic oil and a low ash additive package containing fortified dispersant inhibitors. The end result is a more thorough burning of the fuel resulting in more power and fewer emissions for a safe operator environment. You can expect less fuel consumption and no more filter clogging! The special lubricants in the Lucas 2-stroke oil allow for a much easier piston travel; this condition allows for more net power and less ring and cylinder wear.

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MFG PART # 10058
SKU: 1040374