Powder River Homesteader Calving Pen Deluxe 008-00250

  • Safe and efficient pen for calving or doctoring
  • Self-catching head gate with safety release mechanism has two emergency trip releases that quickly relieve pressure on an animal’s neck if needed.
  • Both Calving Pen squeeze panels swing 180 degrees – completely out of the way – crucial when animal is calving and requires assistance from more than one person
  • Both Calving Pen squeeze panels are split, allowing full access while ensuring a safe confinement situation for operator and animal

The Homesteader Calving Pen utilizes a one quarter sweep gate along with the 10 foot split sweep gate to give incredible access and control for calving assistance. Utilizes the HD self catch head gate. Includes a 3 foot bow gate for safe and easy entry. Weights 1,285 lbs.


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MFG PART # 008-00205
SKU: 1072150