Powder River XL Manual Chute 002-10052

  • Split tailgate controlled from one position enabling one-man operation
  • Drop side pipes allow animal access from both sides for vaccinating and pour-on.
  • Tailgate locks open, allowing one-man operation of the tailgate while working animal into chute
  • Designed for animals up to 2500 pounds

The Powder River XL Manual Squeeze Chute with Right Side Exit is Powder River’s top selling squeeze chute. This chute will stand up to the toughest of conditions. It will handle bulls, large cows, and even calves if necessary. If you are debating between a Value Chute and the XL Chute, go with the XL. It will hold its value and last for many years to come, no matter how many head you run through it.


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MFG PART # 002-10052
SKU: 1087106