Purina Honor Show Chow Fitters Edge Grower 50 lb.

  • 14% Protein
  • 2.5% Fat
  • 15% Fiber
  • This coarse-textured sweet feed is a complete, balanced diet formulated for optimum growth and development of show cattle.

Honor Show Chow Fitter’s Edge is a coarse-textured sweet feed. This is a complete, balanced diet formulated for optimum growth and development of show cattle.

– A uniquely formulated, versatile ration that can be fed as a complete ration to grow and develop show cattle or can be blended with grain to achieve the desired rate of growth while maintaining a well-balanced ration.
– Contains a fully fermented yeast culture developed specifically for optimum animal nutrition.
– Contains cottonseed hulls which are a very palatable roughage source.
– Fortified with a balanced combination of zinc, manganese, copper and cobalt provides critical highly-available minerals that support immune response which is critical for traveling show cattle and helps maximize muscle development, allows cattle to reach their full potential.
– TASCO helps lower body temperature during periods of heat stress helping to keep pigs on feed during warm weather

Crude Protein (min), 14.00%
Crude Fat (min), 2.50%
Crude Fiber (max), 15.00%
Calcium (Ca) (min), 0.55%
Calcium (Ca) (max), 1.05%
Phosphorus (min), 0.40%
Salt (NlCa) (min), 0.15%
Salt (NlCa) (max), 0.65%
Potassium (min), 0.65%
Selenium (min), 0.44 ppm
Vitamin A (min), 3200 IU/lb

This feed is designed for show cattle under 900 pounds, but may be fed to cattle of any age or weight with proper management. Developing show cattle should eat approximately 2.5-3% of body weight and should be fed hay free-choice.

CAUTION: This product is to be fed only to the animal species as directed on the label. Store in a dry area away from insects. Do not feed moldy or insect-infested feed.

Due to changes in commodity availability ingredients and/or guaranteed analysis may change. Please see the product label for the most up-to-date information.

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