RB Rubber 3/4 in. Rubber Stall Mat 4 x 6 ft.

The 100% recycled rubber stall mats are specially designed and manufactured for durability.

Size: 4-foot by 6-foot
Thickness: 3/4-inch
Materials: Recycled Rubber
Maintenance: Damp mop and dry. If you need to use soap, use dish soap or laundry detergent.
Odor: No-odor, non-toxic
Applications: Assembly Lines, Horse and Livestock Trailers, Pools and Gardens, Sub-floor Protection, Boat Docks and Ramps, Handicap Access ways, Runways and Paths, Ski Lodges, Spike Protection, Changing Areas, Golf Courses and Lounges, Ice Rink Blade Protection, Steps, Patios and Decks, Semi Trailer Flooring, Basements, Runways and Walkways, Trails

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