Red Ranger Straight Run

  • A low egg producer, they lay an average of 1 medium light brown egg per week.
  • The adult bird weighs approximately 8 pounds features a pea comb and is suited for all climates.
  • A meat bird, the Red Ranger is sometimes broody and usually exhibits a friendly, calm and quiet temperment. They bear confinement well.

The Red Ranger is a bird that does it all. It has good growth rate and feed conversion, great livability and a 70% live to dressed weight yield. The breast meat on a long keel is in natural proportion to the leg meat. It is three yellow: yellow skin, shanks and beak. The Red Ranger has strong legs, a dark red feather color, with black feathered wing tips and tail feathers. This versatile bird is an excellent forager well suited for any environment. Available straight run only.

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