Traeger Hickory All Natural BBQ Wood Pellets

  • Taste the difference that Traeger hardwood Hickory fuel makes in your meals. Infuse your food with the full-bodied flavor of 100% natural, food-grade fuel.
  • Take your chicken, pork, beef, and vegetables to new levels with hickory smoked flavor additions.
  • Hickory pellets hail from the Midwest, East Coast and Canada, this flavor profile is most commonly used to smoke bacon, and gives a strong, sweet, and savory flavor.
  • Only Traeger mills their own pellets from recycled trees to ensure they’re 100% natural and no artificial binders are used. Pellets are bagged and delivered directly to a Traeger warehouse for distribution.

Experts agree, for robust flavor hardwood is the secret ingredient. Even smoke delivery is determined by the quality of your fuel. Traeger has spent years perfecting a premium, balanced blend of hardwoods to reach and maintain optimal cooking temperatures. Traeger Hickory pellets are great for naturally enhancing Beef, Chicken, Pork, and Veggies with full-bodied flavor.

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