10 Commandments of Feeding Wild Birds

December 9, 2019

Do You Follow the 10 Commandments… of Attracting Wild Birds to your Backyard?


  1. Keep your feeder full year round­ -An empty feeder cannot attract your favorite birds.
  2. Provide an elevated or hanging feeder, and a ground feeding tray to attract the largest variety of birds. Multiple feeders reduce competition between smaller and larger birds.
  3. Provide cover around your feeders so birds are protected while feeding. Birds need to feel safe to stay and eat at any feeder.
  4. Provide clean drinking water in a bird­ bath. Water is essential to all birds and will tend to attract a greater variety to your backyard.
  5. Keep your feeders clean of debris. This is essential – wet or moldy seed can be harmful to birds.
  6. Use different seeds to attract different types of birds – Many birds have preferences that once understood can be used to help attract a specific species to your feeder. (Nature’s Nuts Woodpecker, No Mess, and Chickadee Blend are designed for this) .
  7. Provide Nyjer Thistle in a tube feeder to attract finches. Nyjer is a finch favorite and can be used to exclusively attract these wonderful birds.
  8. Be patient. It may take several weeks for your birds to locate a new feeder, but rest assured once they find it, they will be back for more.
  9. Use high-quality food without fillers. All Nature’s Nuts products are Xtreme® cleaned with no added oils, colors or fillers. It is All That Nature Intended!
  10. Feed your squirrels Chuckanut to avoid competition between squirrels and birds. Use Chuckanut Premium Squirrel Diet, and a Chuckanut Squirrel Feeder to move squirrels away from your bird feeders.