Easy Returns

Wilco Return Policy

Our goal is to make your return experience as quick and easy as possible. We are committed to supplying reliable products and quality services that meet or exceed expectations.

30 Day Return Policy

If you’re not completely satisfied with any item you purchased from Wilco, return it to us with proof of purchase within 30 days of the purchase date for exchange of merchandise or refund of the original purchase price.We may not be able to take back some items, such as sprayers that have had chemicals in them, or power equipment with oil and fuel added, but will do our best to work with you and the manufacturer warranties given each situation.

Proof of Purchase

The cash register receipt serves as a proof of purchase for the item you would like to return.

If you are a Wilco Family Rewards customer and used your account during the purchase we can also help you find your proof of purchase if you no longer have the original receipt.

You may also print or show the purchase from your online account history.

Extended Return Policy

Returns without proof of purchase or after 30 days from purchase date require Manager approval. If approved, the item will be returned for the current item price and any refund will be issued in the form of a Wilco Gift Card. Approved returns with a receipt after 30 days from purchase date will be refunded as described in the Refunds section.


Refunds are made by crediting the original method of payment if proof of purchase is provided; in some cases, a Wilco Gift Card or Check will be issued.

Purchased Online Pick Up In-Store

All purchases made online and picked up in-store can be returned in your nearest Wilco store. All credits for returns, or additional charges for exchanges, will be applied directly to the original form of payment.

Purchased Online Ship to Home

All purchases made online and shipped to home may be returned in-store, or you may contact us and we will look at other options, including a shipping label to return the item(s). All credits for returns, or additional charges for exchanges, will be applied directly to the original form of payment. No in-store credits will be given on shipping or handling fees. 

Unfortunately, we are not able to accept returns on gas powered equipment, sprayers, or other items where fuel or sprays may have been added to items and not be safe to ship back.


If you have questions about a recent order or Wilco’s Return Policy, call Wilco Customer Care at 1-800-382-5339.