A Greener Paw Print with Canidae

July 17, 2023

You Want The Best For Your Pet. Canidae Wants The Best For Their Kibble.

Canidae_Aussie dog sitting with bag of dog food in front of forest

Canidae is making waves in the pet food space for its serious commitment to quality and sustainability. Whether they are sourcing ingredients directly with a farmer, committing themselves to next-level quality at their nutrition plant in Texas, or approaching operations and innovation in a planet-friendly way, it all results in an exceptional product. Here are a few ways they’re changing the pet food industry for the better.

Farming for your forever friend

Canidae’s process starts in local farms throughout the country. They always know what they’re getting, and who benefits from it. No middleman also means pet food that’s at the top of its game.

Livestock guardian dog sitting with bag of dog food in front of barn and sheep


Working towards a better kibble

Something that’s unique to Canidae is that they own and operate their own plant in Brownwood Texas. Having their own plant gives them the unique opportunity to make most of their products in the U.S.A.

And staying local couldn’t be more important – because when Canidae makes it themselves as opposed to working with no compromise. No cutting corners. And no cheating on ingredients.

Canidae_Canidae pet food factory

Supporting people in need

And Canidae isn’t just here for the planet and your pets, they help people too. Canidae has donated over one million pounds of food to the San Antonio food bank, giving much-needed support to pets as well as pet parents in their local community.

Putting our best bags forward

From farm to bowl – Canidae takes part in the entire process. Making each piece of kibble a uniquely perfect one. And trust, knowledge, and transparency are at the core of everything they do. They even optimize in real-time so they can always push for a better bag of pet food – every single time.

Man standing in front of red tractor in field

It’s all about Regenerative Agriculture

Regenerative Agriculture uses fewer pesticides and herbicides and rebuilds and maintains healthy soil while supporting local farms and making them more profitable at the same time. And to top it all off it increases carbon capture, reduces water runoff, and improves the overall nutritional density of Canidae’s food.

Canidae leverages more regeneratively farmed ingredients in its recipes than any other pet food brand on the market today.  To sum it up, Canidae is in the better pet food and planet business.

Keeping it local

Most of Canidae’s ingredients from farm-grown veggies to premium proteins are domestically sourced, reducing carbon emissions.

A balanced choice for every pet

Canidae is proud to offer a nutritious meal for all. Their brand includes kibble and wet food for every dog or cat. There are grain-free options for pets on a grain-free diet, food with grains, high protein for active dogs, food for seniors, large, small, and petite breeds, and Canidae All Life Stages, perfect for the whole family!

If you’re interested in a pet brand that’s good for your pet and the planet, check out Canidae at your local Wilco farm store.

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