Ariat’s Vision to Support Leadership Growth in FFA Youth

August 22, 2019

This month, we are proud to shine the spotlight on a few Wilco vendor partners who have generously donated toward our FFA Forever program.

Ariat Supports Youth in FFA

Ariat is proud to join Wilco in supporting the FFA. The FFA organization gives so many wonderful opportunities for growth and leadership to our youth. It prepares its members to enter into the world with the ability to think critically, handle responsibility and take ownership. We believe the members of this organization will help shape the future of our nation and our world. Ariat is a brand that supports FFA through outfitting youth with the best technology and style as they conquer and achieve their goals.

Ariat isn’t a stranger to FFA. Many of their employees as well as their children that have participated in its programming.

Lee Polskoff and his 1997 Soils Judging Team

Ariat Employee, Lee Polakoff, fondly remembers his time in the FFA and its impact on him, “Alongside the typical leadership, personal and professional growth purposes of FFA surrounding agricultural business, there are key underlying things that I believe get overlooked. Regardless of whether a young person decides to get into the agricultural side of our economy, there is a sense wholesomeness, worldliness and respect for our world that FFA participation can provide. In my opinion, if you can teach people about something, they will be touched. And if they are touched by the experience, they will then begin to love. And if they love something, they’ll want to preserve it. The basis of our very existence is preserved by the agricultural industry no matter which way we slice it. If we can get more of our youth to know and understand how important agriculture really is, humanity will forever be preserved.”

Ariat Supports Youth in FFA

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