Backyard Egg Basket with Benjamin Moore

May 4, 2024

As you stroll into your backyard, the anticipation of collecting eggs from your small flock of chickens fills the air. The red coop, exudes a comforting charm, and the sounds of content clucking greet you. Each step brings you closer to the source of the daily treasure hunt.

Opening the coop door, the light blue eggs catch your eye. Nestled in the straw, they gleam like bits of the sky snuck into the nesting box. The hens, with their rich brown feathers, continue their gentle chatter, creating a soothing backdrop to the morning routine. You reach for the dark brown eggs, marveling at their earthy tones.

Amidst the subtle sounds, you spot the pristine white eggs, standing out against the rustic surroundings. Each egg tells a tale and you feel a connection to the simple pleasures of farm life. The excitement builds as you uncover the hidden treasures—light blue, brown, dark brown, and white—all snug in your backyard egg basket. It’s a daily ritual that never loses its magic, a celebration of the vibrant hues and the unique story each egg brings to your home.

Unlock the excitement of the Backyard Egg Basket palette-inspired colors featuring Benjamin Moore Paint.

Hampshire Rocks 1450 boasts a subtle charm with light violet undertones that saturate its pale, off-white hue.

Aztec Brick 2175-10 captures the essence of burnt clay bricks with its rich orange-brown hue, adding a touch of warmth and tradition to any space.

Warm Sunglow CSP-1070 offers a sun-kissed tan that bathes the room in soft radiance, creating a warm and inviting atmosphere.

Bird’s Egg 2051-60 is a delightful sky blue infused with a subtle hint of gray, adding charm and sophistication to any space.

Mood board with colors and images reminiscent of farm fresh chicken eggs

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