BOGS Footwear’s Support for Youth in FFA

August 19, 2019

This month, we are proud to shine the spotlight on a few Wilco vendor partners who have generously donated toward our FFA Forever program.

bogs youth in ffa

FFA Forever is our ongoing campaign to raise funding and awareness for Oregon and Washington FFA. It is made up of several events and fundraising activities throughout the year where Wilco, our vendor-partners, customers and employees have partnered together to raise over $150,000 per year for FFA.

Since it’s inception, the FFA Forever program has raised over $1 million to benefit Oregon & Washington FFA. These funds help support the state FFA organizations but a significant portion is also earmarked for local chapter grants so a large portion of the dollars directly benefits as many kids and programs as possible.

bogs waterproof footwear supports ffa

BOGS Footwear is one company who is proud to support FFA programming. Founded in Eugene, Oregon BOGS’ designed its first boots for farmers of the Pacific Northwest – to keep them dry and warm no matter the weather. As they’ve grown BOGS has made a concerted effort to stay true to their roots in farming and make dependable products farmers can rely on. To make hard-working farmer’s every day more comfortable they strive to introduce product advancements that will make boots lighter, warmer, and more durable. BOGS recently released a collection of seamless boots (Men’s Workman, Women’s Neo-Classic, and Kids’ Neo-Classic) that uses a single shell construction to reduce a boot’s weight by 30% and significantly increase its durability.

BOGS recognizes and supports organizations that support youth in farming communities. Our future depends upon the strength of our youth so they have sought to make an impact by focusing donations on organizations that work with kids.

“With its impressive history of supporting youth development, FFA makes a profound impact on shaping our leaders of the next generation. We’re proud to support Wilco’s FFA Forever Program because it allows us to give back to farming communities in the Pacific Northwest – the very place where we got started. Through this program, our hope is that we can contribute to the development of youth leaders and give them the tools to build successful careers and stronger communities.”

Learn more about ways you can help support FFA Forever at