Bonfire with Benjamin Moore

July 3, 2023

There’s something magical about a bonfire on a summer evening. The crackling of the flames, the warmth of the fire, the smell of wood smoke – all of it comes together to create an atmosphere that’s both peaceful and exhilarating. As you sit around the fire with friends or family looking to unwind, connect with loved ones, or simply enjoy the warmth of the fire, there’s a lot to appreciate about this summer tradition.

Freshen up your walls and unwind with the warmth of these Benjamin Moore colors in your home.

Burnt Ember CSP-120: Cooled campfire embers take on this magnificent shade of gray. Perfectly neutral to balance bright and lighter tones.
Wood Ash 1065: A soft, comforting hue that balances white and beige, this color provides an easy neutral backdrop for any space.
Fire Dance 2171-20: A roaring red touched by smoky orange undertones.

Mood board with colors and images reminiscent of a summer camping bonfire

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