Bring Holiday Outdoor Freshness Home with Mike Darcy

December 6, 2020

The holiday greens have arrived. Wreaths, garlands, swags, table center pieces, etc., have arrived at Wilco. I recently visited the Lake Oswego store and many of these items were displayed in the front of the store. The colorful display, with many of the wreaths having bright red bows, certainly made a very positive holiday impression upon arriving at the store. It was a delight to walk by them and smell their freshness as I entered the store.

Wreaths and Garland by Mike Darcy

The selection of wreaths is excellent and there is a wide range of sizes and styles to choose from. There were small wreaths, 12 inches in diameter, and large ones that were 48 inches in diameter and various sizes in-between. The multiple greens in the wreaths was a surprise because there were so many different choices. Most of them had branches of noble fir, which is an excellent choice because it keeps its color and flexibility for a long time. Cedar branches were also evident in many of the wreaths and some of the cedar was variegated with the yellow foliage giving the wreath an unexpected splash of yellow color.

Wreaths and Garland by Mike Darcy

Juniper is one of my favorite greens because I like the way it looks visually and also because of the fragrance. Branches of juniper, along with their berries, were evident in many of the wreaths. There were even some wreaths that were 100% juniper. I do realize that there are some that do not like the juniper fragrance so keep that in mind if you are selecting a table centerpiece that would be inside.

Wreaths and Garland by Mike Darcy

Door swags are also available and, once again, there is a good selection to choose from. I particularly liked the swags with the large metal bell. Most of these decorations also have real pinecones, large and small, mixed in with the greens.

Cedar garlands are certainly a traditional holiday outdoor decoration and Wilco has these as well. Wilco makes it very convenient for shopping for holiday greens because all of the necessary hardware for hanging the garlands and wreaths is available.

Living in the Pacific Northwest with our cool and wet winters, most outdoor greens will keep their freshness for several weeks. However, if you have a wreath or door swag that is located under a roof where it would not get any rain, I think it is a good idea to mist it several times a week with water because misting will help it stay fresh longer.

Indoor table centerpieces will make a home look festive on the inside. If you have a garden, or access to a garden with holly or beautyberry, some of these branches can easily be added for some additional color. Twigs from red and yellow dogwood can also be a good addition. I have a friend with some crabapple trees and crabapple fruits, which are usually shades of red and yellow, can be added to a centerpiece for some additional interest. Nandina is often planted in local gardens and their clusters of bright red berries can also be cut and brought indoors or added to an outdoor wreath or swag.

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