Cascade Dawn with Benjamin Moore

January 31, 2024

In the heart of the Cascade Mountains on a winter morning, a sublime sunrise unfolds, painting the sky with hues of indigo and lavender against rugged Northwest peaks. The crisp air carries the promise of a pristine day, inviting you to inhale the excitement of the mountains. Standing amidst evergreens, one becomes part of a symphony of winter sounds as snow whispers and branches creak in harmony. The first light ignites the heavens in pinks, oranges, and golds, casting a spell over the snow-laden landscape. This frozen moment evokes awe and a deep connection to nature’s grandeur—a captivating Northwest Cascade sunrise.

Start fresh with the Cascade Dawn inspired colors featuring Benjamin Moore paint.

Sunrise 829: Infused with gray undertones, this muted blend of blue and violet achieves a frosty finish. The subtle interplay of hues creates a cool and sophisticated palette, evoking a serene ambiance with a touch of wintry elegance.

Dawn Pink 2010-50: This cheerful hue, a blend of optimistic orange and pink, mirrors the sky’s warmth at sunrise. Lighthearted and vibrant, it radiates positivity, offering a playful touch to any space with the nostalgic charm of early morning hues.

Winter Sky 2163-70: A subdued off-white tint, touched with a hint of blush. This soft shade emanates a serene sophistication, providing a versatile and subtle canvas for design, blending tranquility with a delicate warmth.

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