Colorful Corn Harvest with Benjamin Moore

October 10, 2022

Just imagine a crisp October morning just before the sun breaks through the fog. Quickly reminded that fall is here and so are the vibrant colors that show themselves once a year. Excited for a day of fun fall activities and of course harvesting the beautiful colors of the farm.

Carmel Corn 2160-10: A golden brown that brings to mind luscious caramel.

Soot 2129-20: A clean, straightforward shade of black with endless uses.

Travers Red CW-345: Seen in 18th-century wallpapers, including a fragment recovered from the Robert Carter House, this rich, romantic shade of deep red casts a radiant glow on its surroundings.

Corn Husk 307: A vivid orange enlivened with a hint of yellow.

Autumn Purple 2073-20: A deep plum that evokes the rich, vivid tapestry that comes with the changing of the seasons.

Colorful Corn Harvest Benjamin Moore Paint Palette

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