Country Fair Success

August 6, 2014

BY: Jaleena Reber

Hello everyone! I just got back from fair 2 days ago and now I am in recovery mode because fair is exhausting! We stayed in a camp trailer for a whole week during fair and it was about 90 degrees every day. Even though it was very hot, my horses did amazing! It was Joey’s first fair to be rode at and he did so well for his first year. We got all blue ribbons meaning in every class we had a score of 80 or above. In our trail class, Joey was so good that we got called back to do another round for a medallion. To get called back you have to get a score of 90 or above and me and Joey were one out of 4 who got called back. Joey was the youngest horse in the call back class. I was so happy with how he performed throughout the heat and the general stress of the fair.

Missy my gaming horse did awesome as well. In our gaming classes, we received 5 medallions out of 6 events. To receive a medallion in a gaming class you have to run the fastest time or the second fastest time. The next thing that I am doing with my horses is the state fair. The state fair will be held in Salem from August 15 to August 19.

I will be going to state in Western Equitation, Trail and Showmanship with Joey and Figure 8, Keyrace, Polebending, Barrels, and flags with Missy. It’s a lot of events but I am very excited to see how my horses and I perform. If anyone would like to come watch, the best day would be Tuesday, August 19th. This is gaming day and it starts at 8:30. Missy and I will be doing 5 events that day!

Overall, my 3rd county fair was a success. I love the county fair because not only do I get to show my horses, I also get to hang out with all my friends who also enjoy showing as much as I do. The County fair is so fun because everyone around you is also having a good time. At our county fair we have a carnival, rodeos, demolition derbies, great food and a concert every night. Some of the people who came to our fair were the Eli Young Band, Joe Diffie, John Micheal Montgomery, and The Quiet Riot Band. County Fair isn’t all about the ribbons and prizes you receive, it’s about the happy memories and the friends you meet as well.

Joey lost a baby tooth right before one of our classes!