Decisions, Decisions. What Pet Food Do I Pick?

October 12, 2020

Providing proper nutrition for your pet plays a big part in their overall health. When picking out a pet food, thinking about these questions can help narrow down your choices and ensure you’re picking one that meets the needs of your pet.

Pet Wellness tips

What is your pet’s age?

Pick a food that supports the life stage of your pet (Puppy, Growth Stage, Adult Stage, Senior or All Life Stages). For example, if you have a black lab that is 8 months of age, choose a puppy formulated dog food. If you have a black lab that is 8 years old, choose a senior formulated dog food. All Life Stage options are also available and can be feed from puppy to senior age. You should check with your Veterinarian to be sure you know what growth stage your pet is at. Some pets mature into adults at different ages based on size and breed. Picking a food formulated for their growth stage is important for meeting the nutritional needs of your pet.

What is the breed or size of your pet? Do you have a large breed dog or smaller breed?

Pick a food formulated for your pet’s size. As mentioned with your pet’s age, the nutritional needs based on your pet’s size and/or breed will be different from pet to pet. Keep in mind when feeding puppies that feeding large breed puppies should not be treated the same as feeding a small breed puppy. When feeding large breed puppies, growth should be steady rather than rapid. Offering a food like Exclusive Signature Chicken & Brown Rice Large Breed Puppy food is a great option.

Are there any specific concerns or health issues with your pet?

For example, does your pet have any food sensitivities or is weight management a concern? If your pet has a sensitivity to corn or wheat, then a grain-free formulated food should be considered where your pet can get their carbs from other sources such as lentils, chickpeas, sweet potatoes or rice. A great option to consider if you pet requires a grain-free diet is Exclusive Signature Premium Pet Food’s Infinia line.

Are you interested in a dry, wet, raw, froze, dehydrated diet or combination?

There are advantages to each of these options. A most common choice is dry kibbles as it is easier to store and feed with little risk of spoilage. It’s also an economical option depending on the brand selected and can help with cleaning your pet’s teeth. If your pet requires higher water intake or has a harder time chewing dry kibble, consider adding wet food to their diet. Raw and frozen diets have very little processing and are in the most natural state.

Compare the food labels

All ingredients should be listed from largest to smallest quantities in order. Keep an eye out for foods that contain high-quality ingredients with a combination of protein, carbs, fats, fiber, vitamins and minerals. Premium pet food brands like Infinia, Exclusive, Canidae, Diamond, Taste of the Wild, Merrick, Blue Buffalo, Zignature, Fromm and more are all pet foods with high-quality ingredients that are available at your local Wilco Store.

Picking the food for your pet’s day-to-day diet can be daunting but once you’ve answered the questions above it should make that task a bit easier. If you still have questions, we recommend checking with your Veterinarian or stopping by your local Wilco Store where one of our team members can help make a recommendation for you.

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