Dirty Boots are Made for Workin’

September 13, 2019

At Wilco, you will find a vast assortment of workwear and work boots that will keep up with any outdoor task. Since we’re a farmer-owned co-op, you can rest assured that our products are tested and approved by people who put them to good work. Whether on the farm, on the job site or doing the daily chores – the gear we carry is made for working men and women.

Dirty Boots are Made for Workin

With the changing seasons, your boots are likely to take a beating this fall. If you’re wearing your work boots every day, make them last longer with a few of these tips and products:

The Best Boot Scrubber
Trodding through mud…and piles of manure? Keep that outside the house and try the Jobsite Boot Scrubber. This cleaning tool is ideal for home, barn, ranch, or work. The sole and edge scraper clean off those tough to get at places of mud and manure caked on the bottom of the shoe. It will get them clean and help your shoes last longer.

    Keep your Boots Dry and Odorless
    Did you know that your feet can sweat up to 1 pint of sweat per day? Those boots of yours could really use some extra attention. Instead of just laying them out to dry, try the Original Peet Shoe Dryer or the Peet Shoe Dryer with Odor Neutralizing Module. After you dry them out in the shoe dryer, try placing your boots in a large zip lock bag and put them in the freezer overnight to kill odor-causing bacteria. Sprinkling baking soda or odor eliminating cat litter in your shoe overnight can also help (just make sure to dump it out before you put them back on).

      Take Care of Your Work Boots
      Got a pair of leather boots? Whether you use them for on the job or in town, keep them fresh and cared for with Obenauf’s leather preservative. Apply the solution to help your boots repel water, chemicals, manure acid, salt, and concrete. Restores and preserves dried-out leather naturally and resists mildew, mold and bacteria growth. Originally developed for the severe conditions endured by wildland firefighters, Obenauf’s protects, preserves, restores and adds water repellency to many types of leather. The beeswax/propolis suspension formula provides a time-release lubrication to inner fibers while the leather’s surface is reinforced against scuffing and remains breathable. The formula contains no harmful silicone, petroleum or solvents, and is odorless after applied. Goes on easily with a clean cloth.

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