Disposing of Your Old Lawn Mower

January 12, 2023

Old and rusted lawn mower

If you’re like many homeowners, you rely on your lawn mower to keep your grass trimmed and looking its best. However, as with any appliance or piece of equipment, eventually, your lawn mower will reach the end of its lifespan and need to be replaced.

When this time comes, it’s important to dispose of your old lawn mower responsibly to minimize its environmental impact. Here, we’ll explore different options for properly disposing of your old lawn mower, including recycling and proper disposal at a landfill.

Donate Your Old Lawn Mower

Manual push grass mower

If you have an old lawn mower that you no longer use, consider donating it instead of disposing of it. Donating your old riding or push mower is a simple and impactful way to give back to your community and protect the environment.

Many organizations, such as community gardens, a local charity, or a local chapter of Habitat for Humanity, are in need of lawnmowers to maintain their outdoor spaces. You can also ask your social media network if anyone needs a lawn mower or post your equipment on local “buy nothing” groups on Facebook to find a suitable home for your working equipment.

Donating your old lawn mower can not only help these organizations, but it can also prevent the mower from ending up in a landfill, where it can take hundreds of years to decompose.

Before donating your lawn mower, ensure it is in good working condition, remove the gas and oil, and consider getting it serviced if you have a broken lawn mower. This will ensure that the recipient of your donation can use it effectively and efficiently.

Sell Your Old Lawn Mower

While your old lawn mower may not be worth as much as a newer model, it may still have some value to someone who is looking for a budget-friendly option or who is in need of a specific make or model.

You can try posting your lawn mower for sale on online marketplaces such as Craigslist, OfferUp, Facebook Marketplace, or eBay, or you can try selling it locally by posting a sign in your neighborhood.

Be sure to include detailed information about the condition and features of your lawn mower, as well as clear photos to give potential buyers a good sense of what they are getting.

Remember that you will likely need to clean and repair the lawn mower before selling it, and be prepared to negotiate with potential buyers to get the best price possible. If your lawn mower is not working, you may be able to sell it for parts.

Recycling Electric Lawn Mowers

lawnmower with gardening tools

When you recycle your electric lawn mower, the valuable materials it contains can be extracted and reused, reducing the need for new raw materials to be mined and processed. This not only conserves natural resources but also reduces the amount of pollution created during the manufacturing process.

Electric lawnmowers must be recycled, not dumped in a landfill. To find out if your community has a recycling program for electric lawnmowers, you can check with your local waste management agency or do an online search for recycling centers in your area.

Many cities and towns offer programs for recycling e-waste, including electric lawnmowers. These programs often involve dropping off the appliance at a designated recycling center or scheduling a curbside pickup.

Gas-Powered Lawn Mower Recycling

Man mowing grass

Gas-powered lawnmowers can be recycled, just like any other type of appliance or piece of machinery. When it comes to recycling a gas-powered lawn mower, there are a few essential things to keep in mind.

Remove Fluids

It is important to remember to remove any fluids from your old lawnmower before recycling it. This includes gasoline, oil, and coolant. These liquids can harm the environment and should be disposed of properly.

To remove the fluids, start by draining the gas tank and safely disposing of the gasoline. Wait until the engine has cooled down and siphon the gas using gravity, a hose, and a sealable container.

Next, remove the oil from the engine following the manufacturer’s recommendations. Finally, drain the coolant from the radiator by locating the drain valve and opening it to allow the coolant to flow out. Be sure to properly dispose of these fluids in accordance with local regulations.

Remove Plastic Components

Before recycling your old lawnmower, it is crucial to separate metal and plastic parts to ensure that they are appropriately disposed of. To do this, first identify all of the plastic parts that you need to remove, such as the plastic housing, handles, and any other plastic components.

Next, use a screwdriver or pliers to carefully loosen and remove any screws or bolts holding the plastic components in place. Once the plastic parts are removed, you can place them in a separate recycling bin or take them to a local recycling center for proper disposal.

Take to Metal Recycling Center

Taking metal to recycle is an essential step in properly disposing of your old lawnmower. To do so, you will need to locate a metal recycling facility in your area. These facilities typically accept a wide range of metal items, including appliances, cars, and old lawnmowers.

Once you have found a facility, you can either drop off the metal yourself or arrange for it to be picked up. It is important to note that many recycling facilities have specific guidelines for the types of metal they accept, as well as any fees that may be associated with the recycling process.

How to Hire a Junk Removal Service Provider

If you hire a junk removal service provider to dispose of your old lawnmower, research and choose a reputable company. Look for a company that is licensed and insured, and read reviews from previous customers.

When you contact the company, be sure to explain exactly what you need removed and ask for a detailed quote. It is also a good idea to ask about their disposal policies and ensure they follow all relevant laws and regulations.

Finally, be sure to schedule a convenient pickup time and communicate clearly with the company about any special instructions or requirements.

Lawn Mower Disposal

Disposing of your lawn mower at a landfill is not the most environmentally friendly option, but it may be necessary in some cases. Before taking your lawn mower to the landfill, drain all fluids. It is essential to properly dispose of these materials to prevent pollution.

Once you have prepared your lawn mower for disposal, you can take it to your local landfill. You may be able to schedule a curbside pickup to get rid of an old mower. Disposing of lawn mower components can be easy and free, but not always.

Make sure to check with your municipality for any specific guidelines or regulations regarding the disposal of lawnmowers. It is also a good idea to check with the landfill to see if they accept lawnmowers and if there are any additional requirements or fees for disposal.

By properly disposing of your lawn mower at the landfill, you can help reduce the environmental impact and keep your community clean.

When to Replace a Lawn Mower

Old man starting lawn mower

Is your old lawn mower taking up space in your garage? If your mower is constantly breaking down and needing repairs, it may be more cost-effective in the long run to invest in a new one and get rid of the broken mower. Additionally, if your mower is more than 10 years old and you’ve noticed a significant decrease in its performance, it may be time to replace it.

Finally, if you’re unhappy with the quality of your mower’s cuts or the mower is simply not meeting your lawn care needs, it may be time to upgrade to a newer model.

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