Essential Tools for Fall

October 19, 2020

As autumn approaches, every gardener should review their “tool shed” for the tools they’ll need to accomplish fall yard and garden tasks like fallen leaves and hidden pests. These gardening tools should help you keep your lawn and outdoor spaces neat and tidy. They also reduce the risk of slipping on wet surfaces and help to control pests and diseases that can hide under the fallen leaves.

During the fall, many gardeners choose to prune their trees and shrubs and do a bit of home clean up. When taking care of your lawn, ensure you always have safety in mind. Don’t forget to wear safety glasses and hearing protection when using power tools. Apart from these safety precautions, here are the essential tools you may need this autumn.


While the autumn leaves can present a picturesque scenery, they eventually decompose. A solid leaf rake can allow your turf to breathe and reduces the risk of pests and diseases. A lightweight rake can also keep patios, decks, and pathways clear of yard debris.

Leaf Blower

For tougher jobs on leaves, a gas, corded, or cordless battery powered leaf blower can make fall maintenance much easier. A cordless and electric leaf blower is a lightweight and comfortable option that can help you remove leaves into a pile without weighing you down. Plus, you don’t have to fiddle around when filling it with the gas-oil mixture at the right ratio or worry about maintenance such as spark plugs and fuel filters.

Man with leaf blower


Yard debris comes in all shapes and sizes. A garden pruner can help you break down long sticks without using your bare hands. A pruner delivers a clean cut that won’t poke you or your garden bag. A good pruner can cut through thick and thin branches and shrubs.


Many gardeners like to prune in autumn because there are fewer leaves on trees. Loppers are easy to grip but tough enough to break through thick tree branches that are now exposed. Choose a longer-handle one for hard-to-reach places.

Chain or Pull Saw

When cutting old and thick branches, a pull saw is a traditional choice that can cut through small-to-medium-sized branches.  A lightweight electric and cordless chainsaw can be a good option to keep noise levels down and cut through the thickest of branches.

Scoop Shovel

If you have large piles of leaves ready, you can use a scoop shovel instead of a rake to clean up leaves. A scoop shovel can collect a large number of leaves to deposit into containers or bags.


During your fall maintenance, you need heavy-duty gardening gloves that can withstand the wet, windy, and cold climate. A good pair of gloves can protect your hands from sharp spikes that can be hidden under piles of leaves. For more protection, choose gloves that cover the wrist and forearm.

Garden Boot

The right pair of gardening boots can protect your feet from the autumnal environment. They can also look good when you’re picking up your groceries. Some of the best gardening boots are made out of waterproof rubber or neoprene. These boots also provide excellent grip for slippery surfaces.

Cleanup Bags/Bins

A heavy-duty pack of contractor bags provides more durability over regular trash bags, especially when handling sharp and pokey yard waste. A pop-up yard refuse bag is a great storage container for lawn clippings, leaves, and other compost material for spring.

Broadcast Spreader

Autumn is the perfect time to fertilize your lawn before winter. Fall’s morning dew allows the turf to absorb the fertilizer better. That means you’ll get a healthier lawn come spring. A broadcast spreader and the right fertilizer can reinvigorate medium and large lawns fast.

Garden Cart

When using a wheelbarrow is overkill, a garden cart can make picking up leaves and other yard debris a breeze. Garden carts can save you time by cutting down on trips you need to make around your house. A 4-wheel design ensures your cart can handle rugged terrain and slick surfaces.

Pressure Washer

Remove excessive leaves and other plant matter from your patios or walkways with a pressure washer. Removing this debris can prevent staining on your ground surfaces from the decaying matter. For instance, power washing your deck in the fall can get it ready for a winter weather treatment. Pressure washers can also make cleaning out your gutters much easier.

Late Season Planting

If fall gardening is possible in your area, consider upgrading your planting tools. A solid stainless steel or forged steel trowel, deep soil scoop, and Hori Hori knife can help you get your soil ready for fall vegetable and plant gardening.

Every gardener needs a special set of tools to make fall maintenance that much easier. Good work tools can make a hard job less difficult, and even enjoyable. In the long run, you save more time and money with the right set of essential tools. Wilco’s got every tool you need for any weather.

Meta Description: Fall is a great time to take care of your home and garden before the winter months. Essential tools for fall include a rake, leaf blower, pruner, and more.