Farmers Market with Benjamin Moore

June 1, 2024

Walking through the farmers market is like stepping into a colorful world of smells and sights. There are so many colors everywhere – like bright green jalapeño peppers, fresh herbs in every shade, golden corn husks, and deep purple eggplants.

The air is filled with amazing smells. You can smell the sweet fruit and the earthy herbs. There are people talking and laughing all around, and it feels really lively.

Every stall has baskets and crates overflowing with fruits and vegetables. The tomatoes are all different colors, like red, yellow, and purple. The bell peppers are so shiny and come in all colors too, like red, green, and orange.

You can also see and smell the herbs. They’re so green and fragrant – it feels like you’re in a big garden.

There are also flowers everywhere, and they smell so nice. It’s like being surrounded by nature.

Walking through the market makes you feel connected to the land and the people who grow the food. Everything looks so fresh and delicious, and it’s a reminder of how amazing nature can be.

Bring the bright colors of the Farmers Market paint palette-inspired colors featuring Benjamin Moore paint.

Tomato Red 2010-10: This deep mid-tone purple gets its warm cast from a red undertone.

Jalapeño Pepper 2147-30: A charming powder blue as uplifting as the first blooms of spring.

Herb Garden 434: A satisfying coral hue that captures the vibrant beauty of a cottage garden.

Corn Husk 307: boasts a subtle charm with light violet undertones that saturate its pale, off-white hue.

Eggplant 1379: captures the essence of burnt clay bricks with its rich orange-brown hue, adding a touch of warmth and tradition to any space.

Mood board with colors and images reminiscent of farmers market

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