Footwear Sizing Tips and Tricks

June 15, 2020

Shopping for work boots? Many work and casual footwear styles we carry in our stores are offered in a range of sizes and widths to suit just about anybody. When shopping for footwear online or at our store, you’ll see various choices for boot widths such as narrow, medium, wide or very wide. Check out Rocky Brand’s printable footwear sizing guide and boot shopping tips below.

Footwear Sizing Tips and Tricks Blog


To help you decide the best size and width for you, try printing out this handy footwear sizing guide to decide your size and width in the comfort of your home.
Footwear Sizing Tips and Tricks Blog - Size Chart

Provided by Rocky Brands

If you are in a store, ask a Clothing Area Specialist if you need help figuring out the best option for you.
Below are the multiple widths you’ll often find next to sizes options on boot boxes or on
B – Narrow
D- “Normal” width – Medium
EE – Wide
EEE – Extra wide

Many boot styles come in generic sizing too such as:
M = “Normal” but could run narrow or wider depending on the brand.
W = Wide but can be EE to EEE depending on the boot, or somewhere in between.


Ladies’ fashion and work boots are offered in a size range specific to each style. Most styles are offered in half-size increments. The majority of women’s boots are only available in standard widths, which is indicated by the letter “B”, as an example 7.5B. Some brands do offer wider widths in women’s boots. This width designation would be “C”, as in 7.5C.
Ladies’ Romeos are sold in standard and wide widths. The size will be followed by a “W” for a wide width, and an “M” for standard women’s width.

Footwear Sizing Tips and Tricks Blog


Boot sizing for children is a little bit different than adult sizing. As with adult boots, the size range offered for each style will vary. Kid’s boots are only available in one standard width.

Category Size Range
Infant 0-4
Toddler 4.5-8
Children’s 8.5-3
Youth 3.5-7

Some styles of children’s boots such as the Georgia Little Kid’s Carbo Tec Boot have Room-2-Grow Insoles that will let your little one grow up to half a shoe size and let them get the most wear out of their boots.


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