Gear Up & Get Ready for the Rain

September 24, 2019

Gear Up & Get Ready For Rain

If you live in the Northwest, you are no stranger to the rain. Whether it rains or shines, it doesn’t stop us from getting our work done or enjoying the outdoor life. With the vast selection of rain gear that we carry, you can forget your umbrella – who really uses those things anyway? We’ve got you covered in the best waterproof gear to keep you dry. What’s great about all the options you have is that much of the rainwear we offer is interchangeable – making it easier to size your jacket with a larger hood to fit a hardhat, a pair of bibs with adjustable straps or pants. Below are a few options of rainwear we carry to suit your workwear and everyday needs:

Gear Up & Get Ready For Rain

PVC Rainwear 
PVC is a fully waterproof material and is a great option for something heavy-duty to really keep the rain out. If you really want to stay dry from the weather, try this PVC option. But keep note that this is not breathable like other options. If you’re going to be moving around a lot and you sweat, you’re going to get wet – and it’s not because of the rain. Mix and match bibs, a jacket and hood to fit your sizing needs.

    Nylon Rainwear 
    Nylon is a great lightweight and packable option. You can layer this over your gear and not be weighted down. It’s the type of gear that is easy to keep in the back of your trunk and have on hand when the need arises. If you need a dependable set that you can rely on while working on the farm or going to the game – this would be a great choice for you.

    Viking has terrific options with all the bells and whistles you may want out of your rain gear. Their garments are made overseas but have benefits you may be looking for such as leg zippers, Velcro and detachable pieces.

    Another nylon set we recommend is the Stormcreek by Watershed. Watershed is known for their 100% waterproof gear made in Salem, Oregon. The Stormcreek is their nylon jacket with tape sealed seams (to avoid seam leakage) and one of our top sellers. Their gear is made in Salem, Oregon so you know they are experts in keeping you dry. This option also has a capability to mix and match your sizing needs for jackets, hoods, bibs, or pants.

      Gore-Tex is our higher-end option if you are looking for something with great breathability and waterproof technology. While this option has a higher price tag, you will be investing in something that will last for a long time (make sure to read your care instructions. we recommend washing your gore-tex garments in NikWax wash to restore water repellency). Gore-Tex is known for being waterproof, windproof, lightweight and breathable. Made with exclusive fabric technology that boosts a specially formulated breathable membrane. When it rains, rain will bead right off like water off a duck’s back. When you sweat, those sweat vapors won’t stay on the inside but will release out – making breathability magic.

        While not Gore-Tex, Carhartt has created a similar fabric with comparable technology:

          Tape Sealed Rainwear
          The more seams your rainwear has, the more prone to leakage despite fabric technology. Look for garments that have been“tape-sealed” along the seams for better waterproof technology.

          Don’t Forget the NikWax Wash-In and Tech Wash
          Don’t forget to take care of your raingear. Pick up these products from NikWax to wash and restore water repellency to your rainwear. 

            WASH: Washing your wet-weather clothing and equipment with regular laundry detergent will compromise the durable water repellent (DWR) finish, causing the fabric to “wetout” in damp conditions. NIKWAX Tech Wash is a safe way to clean and refresh waterproof fabrics; it maintains the DWR finish and can even revitalize compromised fabrics. You should be able to use Tech Wash 5-6 times before re-waterproofing.

            • Safe for waterproof fabrics
            • Protects the water-repellent finish on fabrics by removing water-attracting dirt, contaminants and detergent residues
            • Doubles the life of waterproofing treatments

              RESTORE: Nikwax TX-Direct Wash-In restores the durable water-repellent finish to all waterproof/breathable laminates, coatings and microfibers. NOTE: TX-Direct Wash-In is only to be used for front-loading washing machines or for hand washing.

              • Water-based wash-in waterproofing formula
              • Restores water-repellent finish to waterproof/breathable laminates, coatings and microfibers
              • Environmentally friendly and non-hazardous

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