Gourd-geous Hues with Benjamin Moore

November 23, 2019

Add a touch of warmth to your project with these autumn-inspired tones.

Tudor Brown HC-185: Suggestive of England’s grand Tudor homes, this deep brown exudes security and stability. LRV: 4.4

Pumpkin Seeds 113: Mirroring the shade of seeds freshly scooped from a pumpkin, this soft, pale yellow anchors a warm and inviting color palette. LRV: 80.08 Not available in exterior paint

Windsor Green CW-505: This poised and elegant green was made using popular 18th-century pigments such as Prussian blue, yellow ochre and lamp black. LRV: 7.21

Timothy Straw 2149-40: This sunny green is bold, but remains versatile. It will gently add a touch of warmth and brightness to your space, mirroring the soft autumn sun slowly drying a field timothy grass. LRV: 47.09

Buttered Yam AF-230: Buttered yam creates the ambiance of a warm and wonderful Thanksgiving dinner. This delicious deep orange fosters the good feelings of home and hearth. LRV: 23.74

Autumn Orange 2156-10: Nothing says fall like the pumpkins and cozy fireside gatherings evoked by this warm, inviting shade of deep golden orange. LRV: 22.82

Gourd-geous Hues

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