How to Care for Your Work Boots

November 2, 2019

_How to Care for your Work Boots

Keeping your boots clean is important to the longevity of your boot. Cleaning gel and a nylon brush will release oil-based dirt, excess wax and stubborn grime that will not be cleaned by just plain water. Cleaning the inside of your boots is also important. Salt from perspiration passes through the lining, destroying the leather and making it dry and cracked. Use mild detergent and rinse thoroughly to keep the inside of your boots fresh and clean. Danner Cleaning Gel is a solvent-free PH balanced for compatibility with waterproofing treatments.

Keeping your boots waterproofed will reduce the added weight from water absorption. Waterproofing your boots will keep them cleaner and maintain the leather’s suppleness for increased longevity. For best results, apply waterproofing to completely saturate boots. Waterproofing works by surrounding fibers, filaments and stitches with hydrophobic molecules that resist the water from penetrating.

    Remove laces and insoles. You might be tempted to put your boots next to the fireplace, but all that excessive heat will cause irreversible damage to the leather and is harmful to adhesives and cements used in the boot’s construction. The Peet Shoe Dryer is an effective way to dry your boots from the inside out. Allow boots to dry for 24 hours after the treatment. Daily use of a Peet Shoe Dryer will reduce bacteria, fungus, sweat, and stinky odors.

      Boot Dressing
      Danner Boot Dressing will add back agents to revive old dried out boots. Boot Dressing contains pigment to cover scratches and scuffs, giving your old boots a fresh, good as new look.

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