How to Make Air Conditioner Installs a Breeze

August 7, 2020

A few tips and it is easy to install an air conditioner and cool off high traffic areas like a kitchen or living room or add comfort to your sleep at night in a bedroom.

How to install and Air conditioner blog

The most common and affordable air conditioners are window units and these steps make setting one up simple.
Before you purchase a unit identify the room and window to use. You want to make sure the window is in the center of the room if possible and near a three-prong power outlet the air conditioner cord can reach, or an extension cord may be needed.

When you identify the plugin to use see what other items use the same power circuit. There are some small appliances that would overload the circuit when combined with the high power needs of air conditioners. A hairdryer, microwave, or waffle iron combined with other appliances and an air conditioner can overload a breaker. If you are concerned about too much power load consider choosing another window that uses a different circuit, add a dedicated circuit or move some of the other appliances to avoid a tripped breaker or blown fuse.

Once you’re good on location and power double-check the window type and size. Not all air conditioners will fit in all windows. When the window is fully open, measure the space available and be sure you choose an air conditioner that will fit in the space.

You’ll also want to consider the type of weather protection and shades/curtains during the install. If it faces the weather side with more wind and rain you’ll want to double-check your seals and weather protection, and also consider that west-facing units get high heat sun exposure in the afternoon so the AC unit will have to work harder to keep things cool. For weather protection, small gaps can be filled with foam sealant and consider blinds or shades verse curtains because then you can pull down the shades for privacy without covering up the air conditioner.

Once you’ve thought out these prep steps the instructions with the unit make the actual installation pretty easy. The process is much smoother if you have at least two people for lifting and someone to hold it in place while another does the install steps.

If all this window air conditioner information has brought up any concerns, like not having the right size windows or no wall power outlet by a window, you can consider a portable air conditioner unit. These have become very popular and do not require a window. They are more expensive than typical window air conditioners but offer more flexibility and portability in your use.

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