Mike Darcy’s Last Minute Gifts For Gardeners

December 11, 2017

Sometimes it can be perplexing to know what to get the gardener in your family for a gift. Or perhaps the gardener is a friend and you want to get something practical and useful. But what to get the gardener that seemingly has everything?

I recently visited the Wilco store in Canby and decided to make a list of ten items that most gardeners could use. All of the items are under $20 and some marked *** indicates the item is under $10.

***Gardeners like to label their plants, especially those that they are starting from seed. RapiClip Wood Plant Labels, are 6 inches long and come in a package of 24 each. These are ideal to put at the end of a row of freshly planted seeds.

***A companion gift to the above plant labels would be the Jiffy Seed Starter. This is the perfect gift for the gardener that likes to start their seeds indoors. There are 50 peat pots in this kit with a clear “greenhouse” dome to go over it. This is ideal for starting tomato seeds.

The AquaWrap Plant Protector is made for those gardeners that want to set out their tomato plants before the temperature is really warm enough. There are three protectors in each package.

***Many seed packets will list a minimum soil temperature before certain seeds should be sown. The Rapitest Soil Thermometer will give the correct soil temperature which can be important for early season crops.

***CowPots are certain to put a smile on the face of the recipient. These are just as the name indicates, they are pots made of 100% renewable composted cow manure. Start your plants in these and then both plant and pot can be planted directly in the ground and your plants will have natural organic fertilizer to get them started.

To water those delicate seedlings that are just emerging, the Dramm Fogg-It Nozzle will do the job. It has three different settings depending on the pressure needed.

With warm summers and the need to conserve water, the Miracle-Gro Soaker System will water plants directly in the root zone. Weave this 75 ft soaker around plants, cover lightly with garden mulch or soil and your water is not lost into the atmosphere.

***Many gardeners and non-gardeners, as well, like to know what the temperature and humidity are. With a quick glance, this Springfield Thermometer with Humidity Meter gives the answer.

***The Green Thumb Soaker Bubbler attaches to the end of the garden hose and allows plants to be gently watered. This is especially useful for use under newly planted trees and shrubs.

***I think almost any gardener can use a new trowel. This Radius Dig Trowel is easy on the hands and is a tool that is always useful.

Wilco has many more items in this price range to choose from, these are just some that caught my eye and that I would think most gardeners could and would use.