More than Decor

November 28, 2017

For many people Christmas ornaments are more than just decorations on their tree. They represent big moments, vacations, relationships, life milestones, family history, memories, and more. Whether an ornament is homemade or store bought, they all have a special story that goes along with each of them, making them invaluable.

Decorating a Christmas Tree is a time to reminisce about the moments and meanings behind each unique ornament. Reflecting on your family’s journey is special, making decorating the tree a memorable moment in itself. Some families even exchange ornaments as a Christmas Tradition. They anxiously look forward to seeing what special ornament was hand selected for them by their loved one. Or they add to their own collection with an ornament that will symbolize a monumental event that took place during the current year, like a wedding, house purchase, new child, new job, etc.

Ornaments make great gifts because they are personal. They tend to represent something special between the giver and recipient. They can also represent something the gift recipient really enjoys, like a hobby, animal, sports teams, or favorite past time. The act of giving or receiving an ornament becomes an unforgettable memory in itself.

Ornaments also make wonderful gifts for friends, teachers, co-workers, a mail person, bosses, coaches, pretty much ever everyone! This season give the gift of a special memory with a hand selected ornament that shows how much you care.