Unlocking the Secrets to a Picky Felines Taste Buds

March 30, 2024

Picky cat? Have you tried Nulo?

Cats are charismatic bundles of preferences, and they know what foods make them feel good and which ones do not. Cats are perfectly adapted for a carnivorous diet, and they have some specialized dietary needs. Most cats thrive when fed a diet rich in both high-quality animal protein and access to plenty of moisture. This combination can help prevent common problems such as vomiting food, urinary tract issues resulting from dehydration, excess shedding and hairballs and maintaining the lean muscle mass required for a healthy weight or leaping into the air!

Calico Cat Standing Up On Hind Legs

Here are just a few of the ways Nulo’s recipes are specially formulated for the unique needs of cats.

Cats prefer the tiny round shape kibble.

If your cat is prone to regularly vomiting food, it could be the size of their kibble. Cats do not have molars for chewing, so often swallowing their kibble whole. If the kibble is too large, it can get stuck in the throat, and then cats have no choice but to regurgitate the food. Repeated instances of regurgitation or vomiting can unfortunately erode tooth enamel and contribute to gum disease. A good way to prevent vomiting and promote dental health, is to switch to a kibble with an intentionally small kibble design. Nulo recipes for cats and kittens feature a tiny disc-shaped kibble, ideal for cats to swallow and digest.

Calico Maine Coon Cat Standing Up On Hind Legs

Cats stay better hydrated better with even a little wet food inclusion each day.

Cats are uniquely adapted to obtain the moisture they need from the food they eat. Proper hydration is essential for cats: more water keeps their urine diluted, which may help support healthy kidney and urinary tract function.

Giving a cat as little as 25% of their food every day from a high-moisture recipe and allowing free access to plenty of fresh, clean water at all times is an easy way to make sure cats are getting enough hydration. Nulo makes a variety of complete and balanced, high meat wet recipes, with sizes, flavors and textures designed to be highly palatable and easily digestible for cats of all ages

Baby Cat Licking Bowl

As obligate carnivores, cats have a higher requirement for dietary protein than their omnivore counterparts.

Nulo cat kibble recipes contain up to 85% animal-based protein coming from high quality meats or fish ingredients that are naturally richer in taurine, omega fatty acids and other nutrients cats need for muscle maintenance and a lustrous, beautiful coat. Nulo avoids using plant protein concentrates in cat recipes such as pea or potato protein to artificially boost the protein levels on our Guaranteed Analysis. Since plant proteins contain an incomplete profile of amino acids that cats need.

Nulo is science-based, with three credentialed (Ph.D.) Animal Nutritionists overseeing every aspect of food production from formulation, ingredient sourcing, manufacturing requirements, and safety & quality monitoring.

Nulo Cat Food on Counter

Nulo is solely focused on improving the lives of pets through nutrition. We are mission driven—founded more than 10 years ago as a response to the growing increase of overweight and diabetic dogs and cats. Nulo’s “no compromise” approach in quality nutrition is the standard everything we make.

“In a world largely content with making practical choices, Nulo provides nutritional enrichment so that pets can strive for greatness. We believe every pet has the potential to be incredible, which is why we sweat the small stuff.”

-Michael Landa, Founder & CEO

Beautiful Feline Cat Eating On A Metal Bowl

Nulo’s core nutritional principles

High in animal-based protein—Offering up to 85% protein (dry food)-95% protein (canned recipes) from meats, poultry and/or fishes. Nulo products do not rely on plant-based protein ingredients to deliver quality nutrition.

Low carbs & Low glycemic—Cats have no nutritional requirement for carbs & Nulo kibble levels have among the lowest carbs available. Using only low glycemic carbs, to provide moderate energy levels, help maintain proper weight and promote slower digestion, improving overall nutrient absorption.

Viable Probiotics—Using the patented BC30 probiotic in all kibble formulas because it survives the heat of processing and supports healthy digestive and immune systems. Plus, several other ingredients to support functional ingredients to support your cat’s health, like prebiotics, postbiotics, vitamins, and chelated minerals for superior health benefits and bioavailability.

Nulo is a great option providing quality nutrition for cats. Making a variety of kibble and wet offerings for adult cats and kittens, indoor cats, seniors, and those cats needing specialized support with weight management and hairball management.

If you are interested in a cat food brand to support your cat or kitten’s health, check out Nulo at your local Wilco farm store.

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