Plant A Garden Without A Greenthumb

April 17, 2017

A successful garden starts with a plan. Use these tips on how to plant a garden right from the start. You don’t need a green thumb to create a bountiful garden, just the know-how and a little loving care.

1. Pick a theme: English, Zen, Vegetable… no matter what kind of garden you prefer, it’s easy to achieve when you have a little expert advice.

2. Plan Ahead: Sketch out your ideal garden space on paper or block it out on a bed of soil with coffee and soda cans

3. Gather The Necessities: You’ll need a shovel, soil, a rake, a trowel, a garden hose, and gloves. Depending on the health of the soil you may also need fresh topsoil and a bag of fertilizer especially if you’re growing vegetables.

4. Pick Your Plant: Seeds or starter plants. Starter plants will give you faster results so you can enjoy the fruits of your labor a little sooner. Regardless, it’s important that you identify soil type and sun exposure to ensure your new plants are compatible with their environment talk to your local Garden Expert to learn about your soil type and to determine if you need to fertilize before planting.

5. Prepare The Soil: Using the spades to turn the soil. If you do fertilize wait a week before planting to avoid shocking plant roots.

6. Time To Plant: The depth and distance apart depends on what you’re putting into the ground check the tag or label for guidance here most plants require a hole less than 6″ deep. For vegetables, plant the tallest ones in the back or in multiple rows plant rows of smaller vegetables, such as beans and radishes, one to two feet apart. Flowers can be clustered together according to color texture or both.

7. Water: Once you’ve planted, water until the soil is moist. You’ll want to continue watering through the growing season, but watering amounts vary according to rainfall, plant-type, and temperature. A good rule of thumb is long deep watering is far more effective than multiple short showers a soaker hose is ideal for most any garden.

8. Pest Control Tip: If Rodents are a problem, try scattering a mixture of orange peel and coffee grounds. For insects, spray plants with a diluted mixture of mild dish soap and water.

You don’t need a green thumb to create your ideal garden space just the right tools, some advice, and a little loving care.