Behlen 14 ft. Green 6-Rail Heavy Duty Gate

  • Behlen gates are made four inches shorter than stated to allow room for hardware and clearance and include 3/4-inch x 12-inch threaded bolt hooks for hinges.
  • 50 inches high, 6 rail with a vertical braces for added support
  • Premium UV-resistant powder coated finish
  • 2-inch horizontal tubes are notched and welded and made from 16 gauge steel for durability and a smooth finish.

The Behlen 14-foot green 6-rail heavy duty gate is designed to take rugged abuse from animals and the elements. The 16-gauge steel tubes are notched and welded completely around the joints to the gate frame and supported by vertical braces for durability. Behlen’s heavy duty gate features a 36-inch plated chain and snap assembly and a premium weather-resistant powder coat. This gate is 50 inches high and is made 4 inches less than the listed length to allow for hardware and clearance. Includes 3/4-inch x 12-inch bolt hooks for hinges.

Height: 50 inches
Weight: 134 pounds
Six, 2-inch rails
Two vertical braces
16-gauge steel tubing
3/4-inch x 12-inch long threaded bolt hooks for hinges
4 inches shorter than listed length to allow for hardware and clearance
Made in the USA

1. Drill holes in wooden post (sold separately) all the way through. 2-inch gates require 3/4-inch bolt hooks. Drill hole sizes accordingly.
2. Thread each bolt hook with a nut and washer as illustrated. Place in the hole with the pintle side on the end where the gate is to be hung. To ensure the gate is fastened securely, place one bolt hook down and one up.
3. Thread bolt hooks on end with washer and nut.
4. Install hinges on gate. An extra long bolt is provided as a starter bolt to compress the hinge. After the hinge is compressed, place bolt through hole and screw on nut. Tighten the bottom hinge and leave top hinge loose in order to slide it.
5. Place gate on bottom bolt hook. With gate in position, slide top hinge onto bolt hook and fasten securely in place.

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MFG PART # 40120142
SKU: 9240011