Dog Gone Smart Large Dirty Dog Mat
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  • It acts like a sponge, instantly absorbing seven times its weight in water and mud.
  • It dries five times faster than ordinary door mats and it’s easy to wash.
  • Non-skid backing to help keep it where you need it.
  • 35 inches by 26 inches

If your dog spends any time in the rain, mud, or bath and you are tired of battling wet, dirty floors – the Dirty Dog Doormat is the edge you need. Behind the plush and velvety softness of this doormat is a secret; millions of microfiber strands. Those strands are what turns this mat from ordinary to extraordinary. Acting like a giant sponge, it instantly traps dirt, mud, and water, absorbing up to seven times it’s weight, so your floors stay clean and dry. After handling the dirty work, the Dirty Dog Doormat dries five times faster than ordinary door mats. The mat also has non-skid backing to help keep it exactly where you need it. And if it ever works too hard, don’t worry, it’s easy to clean too! With all those features, why limit it to a door mat? Use it in cars, crates and under food and water bowls. Protect your floor, furniture and car seats from unwanted hair, mud, dirt and slobber.


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